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Boxcryptor是一款云存储第三方加密软件,经 Boxcryptor 加密的文件,必须结合 Boxcryptor 才能查看,充分保障用户的隐私。

通过 Boxcryptor 与坚果云的集成使用,您可以:
  • 用 Boxcryptor 加密文件并保存至坚果云,让文件存储更加安全;
  • 利用坚果云支持全平台的特性,充分享受跨设备的便利;
  • 密码文件更新后,可自动同步到坚果云,全程无需手动操作;
  • 使用坚果云分享链接功能,让文件的传送更加方便、快捷。



key word:safe / password / encryption / Boxcryptor

Product introduction

Boxcryptor protects data in the cloud with end-to-end encryption. It Works with Dropbox, Nutstore and many more providers, on all platforms. No one can open the files without password on cloud storage if the data encrypted by Boxcryptor.

By using the integration of Nutstore and Boxcryptor, you can:
  • The files are safer after encrypted by Boxcryptor on the Nutstore Cloud.
  • By using the all platform feature, check files on all devices easily.
  • Automatically upload to Nutstore.
  • Makes share link more easily and safe.

(can link the Nutstore directly on Pc, mobile device link by WebDav.)