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Total space Grow each month without cap Grow each month without cap Grow each month without cap
Incremental space ≤ 1 GB / Month  1 GB / Month  2 GB / Month 
Initial space Limited by traffic cap  From 30 GB  From 72 GB 
Upload 1 GB / Month No limit No limit
Download 3 GB / Month No limit No limit
Historical version 1 month 3 months 3 months
Document search Local search All Platform search All Platform search
Album automatic backup Photo only Photo + video Photo + video
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Team Edition

For team or company
  • Storage can be customized
  • Syncing users are not limited
  • Structured administration
  • Centalized file management

Enterprise Edition

For institution who has servers
  • Deploy privately
  • Can be easily intergrated
  • Can be customized
  • Professional support


1. Is there invoice after buying Nutstore service?

Nutstore will provide formal commercial invoice for you. You only need to send the payment information and the address to receive the invoice to, and we will handle it soon.

2. Is it possible to change purchase plan?

You can switch the plan anytime per your requirement. The balance on your account will be converted based on new plan. View this link for more info.

3. How to purchase more storage space?

If you need more storage space than standard offering, please send email to, we'll provide most cost effective solution.

4. Does Nutstore accept bank transfer?

Yes. Please send email to, we'll reply you with detail guidlines.