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Why Nutstore is essential for your team ?

Even sitting together, sharing files among team takes a lot time. No matter e-mail or IM, user needs to pick up recipients, upload files, and wait for quite a few minutes...

Nutstore allows multiple members working with files in sync. After editing by someone, the file is automatically synced to other colleagues. Team Edition does not limit the number of files, fits for the needs of the team.

Real-time sync, easy collaboration.No need to manually send files, saving a lot of time.

Keep members on the same page.Everyone always see the latest document, never worry about forgetting to send the latest version.

Unified Content Management

We often look down the value of unified content management and assume files of employees would be kept safe. But when you really need a file, you have no way to get it. And resignation often lead to data lost.

Admin can view sync status of all members on management page. Unified management is on your way.

Manage files in unified structure.Create a folder and define structure per team hierarchy. Everybody save data in unified structure.

View progress and know more.Managers can view any document of team members to view work progress.

Work Any Time, Anywhere With Any Devices

Work is no longer limited inside office. Work from home, work on the road, or work from anywhere. Never worring about documents not at hands.

Native apps on any platforms. Keeping synchronization with the team is much more easier.

Expand office space.Now, with computer, phone or tablet, work can be done in time. Team can respond effectively to emergencies.

Offline workspace.Even without network connection, you still can modify files, and your changes will be automatically synced when connection is restored.

Bullet-proof Data Protection

Has Confidential data to be stored? View docs without download? Sales data can not be seen by developers? Easy to do with Nutstore.

Nutstore provides upload, download, full or preview access rights. You can set them for different members.

Forbid access by outsiders.Create private space so that files can only be accssed by team members.

Manage rights as you will.Set permissions so that members can only access functions related documents, even if they leak data on purpose, the damage is limited.

Avoid data leakage.All accounts are bound with phones: All data transfer and storage is encrypted via military grade method.Security

Backup Data Reliability

How long does files stored on disk or CD-ROM can live? Disk can not resist against shock and vibration, the disc can not resist against air oxidation. accidental deletion or virus infection is inevitable.

Nutstore saving files with historical revisions safely and reliably, even accidentally deleted or mistakenly modified, files can also easily be restored.

Never lose files.Nutstore keep multiple isolated copies of a file. File is not lost even hardware is wiped or destroied.

Data time machine.Restore any file to any revision as you will. No longer have to keep every revisions by renaming them.

Restore deleted or damanaged files.With Nutstore, it is easy to restore accidentally deleted or damaged files. Make you sleep peacefully in night.

Cross-team Collaboration Made Easy

Joint development, collaborative sales, project management are always cross teams. However, OA, FTP or other solutions does not ork in this way.

Share files with colleagues outside team. Admins can manage team space without much effort.

Efficient joint work.Members can share documents with colleagues outside the team, off-site work is no longer a problem.

Accelerate the sales cycle.Help sales to diliver documents and images quickly or show them to customers via webpages.

Real time progress audit.Complete work in sync folder, check members' work without boring meetings.

Better File Server

Many disadvantages of FTP: dedicated hardware, hire admin for regular maintenance and backup, insecure to be deployed on WAN...

Centralized management, permissions and safe backup. All features of FTP can be found, while no disadvantages of FTP at all.

Without maintenance, and save investment.Migrating to our cloud, Nutstore will help you to manage data. No need to hire someone for self-maintained.

High-speed access anywhere.You can access data via tablets or phones anywhere through high speed Internet connections.

More secure and reliable.Compared with FTP, Nutstore is more secure. All accounts can bind with phones, Use military encryption method to transfer and store data. Insurance prevent data to be stolen.Security

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