Data security and reliability is always the priority of Nutstore. We care every detail of the product. Fast, convenient, low cost, secure and reliable, more advantages than self-built system.
Ensure data integrity
Each file is encoded and stored in multiple independent storage nodes. If any nodes failed, another copy will be stored from other nodes. Each time the data is read, the integrity is verified automatically. It ensures better data integrity than RAID.
Storage encryption
Each file is split into multiple blocks and encrypt with special key by AES algorithm, which is widely used by military and finance system. Each key is generated based on multiple data source so that the key is unique and secure.
Transport securely
All transportation employs the HTTPS protocol, which is widely used in finance application. Nobody can spy your data during the transportation.
Member management
You can divide your members into different departments and grant people with different access privileges, the ownership of folders could be transferred easily.
Usage management
You can monitor the storage usage, sync folders list and sharing permissions of team members.
File monitoring
Administrator can monitor the exceptional conditions of files, and deal with them in case classified documents leak out.
2-factor authentication on mobile
Binding mobile phones to ensure account security: If the Two-Factor authentication is enabled, dynamic code generated by mobile phone is required to sign in besides the normal password. Others cannot access your account even he/she stole your password.
Mobile device passcode
All mobile client support passcode to protect your data from other ones who stole or borrow your phone.
Access control
You can grant people with different access privileges, including Read-Only, Write-Only and Read-Write. Others cannot access the data without granted privilege.
Restore deleted files
All files are stored for at least three months, even the deleted files. You can easily restore the files which is deleted without caution.
Keep old versions
All file versions are uploaded and stored for at least three months. You can easily restore the file to any old versions.
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