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  • Share the huge potential market with you

    From marketing report from Gartner, the size of the cloud service is about 131 billions. Nutstore provide centralized file management, collaborative team work, file backup etc. Nutstore has already gains attractions from many enterprise clients like IT, Finiancial, Education, Govenment, Petrifaction and aviation etc.

  • Pre or after sales, professional support

    Nutstore owns many cases about enterprise and custom services. We can provide professional custom support, product introduction, application deployment, sales services for your whole sales process which will minimize the burden for sales, maintenance and deployment to improve sales.

  • Honest treatment, win-win cooperation

    Nutstore knows that long-term development comes from long-term cooperation. Alson we are aware if our reputation among the partners will greatly afftect the future of Nutstore. So, we respect channel resources of each partner, and things lick crabing customer, single jump, single flying will nerver happen.

  • Billions of files are handled safely and stable

    The service Nutstore provides has stored billions of files, up to about 1000TB. There is no data corruption or discloure of account issues when Nutstore Public is running.

  • Public and private cloud are both supported

    Public cloud an private cloud deployment are both supported, and can be intergrated or customized to satisfy various requirements. Also, cooperators can also development based on APIs provided by Nutstore to create addtional values.

  • Target on Enterprise

    Nutstore is a product of cloud storage service targeted on official related. Therefore, "to better adapt to business, office, management, and storage requirements of the school," is the usual direction of Nutstore. Choose Nutstore, not only choose a cloud storage product, but also choose this product for future upgrades, trends.