Synchronous, Collaborative

File sharing is frequent ammong company employees. If companies do not provide a convenient means of file sharing for their employees, then the file is sent, the update will become a waste of time, resulting in productivity problem.

The same problem is also likely to occur in between sales and customers. If sales cannot update the information for customers in time, this may lead to inconsistent understanding and extend the sales cycle.

Sync files with colleagues or friends

Nutstore can synchronize files between several colleagues or friends, any person in which to create, edit files, are automatically synchronized to computers of other people. Thus, the same department or work group can easily exchange files without having to manually transfer files via QQ or mail. In addition, automatic synchronization also helps colleagues or friends to see the latest version of the document for the first time, without having to worry about editing files frequently, resulting file version confilicts.

Send files via e-mail

In addition to synchronizing files with colleagues or friends, Nutstore can also share files via email. Compared with traditional mail attachment file, without opening the mailbox, no attachments upload, it is convenient and safe. After receiving the email sending by colleagues or friends through Nutstore, you can also directly reply to a message, expand the discussion.

Strict access control

Nutstore has a wealth of file access control mechanisms, there are four types of permissions: uploading and downloading (suitable for the coordination office of the group members) can only be downloaded (for publishing companies public documents), can only be uploaded (used to collect data, and do not want to be accessed), and prohibit access. Ensure enterprise document security to prevent disclosure of confidential information.

Centralized Management

In modern companies, almost every employee do work with computer for automated office, some employees often use their own home computers, tablet to work. Business documents scattered on different devices of different employees. In addition, file organization and naming conventions of each employee are different, what a valuable document, which did not value, difficult for others to know. The content of the dispersion is inscreased in the future.

The decentralized content, the worse manageability. If managers an not collect the contents or the way can not be standardized, it is difficult to organize and reuse. With worse decentralized content organization, while the transfer of work or employee turnover, loss of documents amd knowledge of fault is the normal. And often because of no time for transfer, this lead to a lot of knowledge of the contents unknown, the loss of value.

Auto file collections

After using Nutstore Enterprise Edition, the client software installed on computer of employees will automatically collect office file in the computer and upload it to the server. The whole process is fully automatically, no manual uploads, and will not affect its normal work.

Unified folder structure

Nutstore allows administrators to pre-defined file storage structure (folder structure), and the file structure is synchronized to computer of the employee. In this way, employees can store files in accordance with pre-defined file structure to avoid the uniform structure or resulting in the collection of documents lost value.

Centralized file management

After the file is automatically collected to server, managers will be able to centrally manage them, view and edit work of employee result. Even if employees leave, you can easily keep their files to others without worrying about enterprise content knowledge faults or missing.

Real-time Backup

File is missing is the accident occurred during regular business operations, and sometimes loss of important documents even give companies a devastating blow. File is missing for many reasons: a storage device (the computer of employee, U disk, CD-ROM) is lost, accidentally deleted or mistakenly modified, hardware and software failures, virus, computers were looted ......

Even so, many companies still do not back up their content in time, the main reasons are: the use of existing backup measures are too cumbersome (eg: Weekly backup CD-ROM), seriously affecting work.

Auto backup

When employees create or edit documents, Nutstore client software will automatically upload the files to the private server and make a backup. The whole process is fully automatic, no manual uploads for employees, and this will not affect their normal work.

View, restore historical versions

In addition to backup, Nutstore will keep files history of modified versions. Users can always download any historical version of a file, or take historical version compared with the latest version. Never worry about the file overwrite by saving every version automatically.

Recover accidentally deleted files

Even if the file is deleted, Nutstore Enterprise Edition still have a reliable backup. The user can access enterprise edition at any time , recover files from the recycle bin which is deleted. Away from human error or computer operating poisoning which cause files missing.

Cross-platform Working

For the modern companies, the work is no longer confined to the office. Home, while traveling, work on the road, work is likely at any time. In addition, there are more and more people started using tablet computers, smart phones to work. Situation like an employee has multiple office equipment is becoming more and more popular, but they are facing a very difficult problem: copying files between different devices is very difficult. Sometime out the door, only to find that file also stored in the company computer.

The most comprehensive cross-platform file synchronization

Nutstore synchronizes files between all clients for the same user. Files created or edited on any device are automatically synchronized to other devices, keeping exactly the same. Nutstore Enterprise Edition supports eight major office equipment platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux, Android phone, Android tablet, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone.

Access file offline is supported

Even without a network connection, Nutstore also supports offline access and files modification. Once the file has been modified, it will automatically sync to other devices when the network is connected next time, and back up to the private network server. Thus, even in a business trip, meeting no network environment, you can always access office documents, truly mobile working.