• All data in control

    All data are stored locally in your server, people even like Nutstore do not have no access to your data. Private deployment make network have a better performance, and files are syncing faster which can maxiumize the working efficency.

  • Technolofy is reliable which has been proved by a lot of usage

    Nutstore enterprise edition use the same technology as in Nutstore Public. Nutstore Public has stored billions of files with 1000TB in size. There is no data corruption or discloure of account issues when Nutstore Public is running.

  • Rapid iteration, make administration easier

    Like any other internet services, Nutstore cares much about usability and quick update for product. It is easy to update the software and the service. The deployment of Nutstore enterprise edition is simple as install an desktop software, professional guys is not necessary. After installation, the server will upgrade regularly to satisfy new features.

  • Interface is open, easily intergration and development

    Nutstore enterprise edition open storage related APIs, enterprise users can develop some Apps or intergrate with their own system according to their requirements. And Nutstore enterprise edition support unified authentication interface, makes it easily to integrate enterprise authentication system to manage users account.

  • Most compatiable, avoid duplicate investment

    The Nutstore enterprise software is compatiable with all kinds of server hardware or software. Existed hardware can be used to avoid duplicate investment. And, Nutstore client support all major OS(Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, Windows Phone), employees can access the service using their devices which they already have.