热门标签:Security / Encryption / key master / password manager


Enpass 是一款安全可靠的跨平台密码管理器软件。使用 Enpass,只需要记住一个主密码即可,用户就可以轻松管理所有的账号密码。

通过 Enpass 与坚果云的集成使用,您可以:
  • Enpass 密码文件保存至坚果云,文件存储更加安全;
  • 密码文件更新完成后即自动同步到坚果云,全程无需手动操作;
  • 坚果云支持全平台,可使用任意设备获取自己的密码文件。


key word:Security / Encryption / key master / password manager

Product introduction

Enpass is a freemium password management to securely store passwords and other credentials. It supports all platforms, Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, and iPad, etc.

All encryption passwords founded on every device which connected with Nutstore:
  • The files are safer after encrypted by Enpass on the Nutstore Cloud.
  • Automatically upload to Nutstore.
  • By using the all platform feature, check files on all devices easily.