热门标签: note-taking / Auto-backup / idea / creative


Notability是一款功能强大的备注记录软件,可用于注释文稿、草拟想法、录制演讲、记录备注等。通过webdav 连接到坚果云,将文件自动备份到坚果云里,使用起来更加便利。

通过 Notability 与坚果云的集成使用,您可以:
  • 添加备注后,文件可自动同步到云端,整个过程“无感化”;
  • 任意时间、任意设备,全方位地管理云端上的备注文件;
  • 设置分享文件的访问权限,保障文件的安全;
  • 邮件中使用坚果云分享链接来传送文件,往来邮件更加轻便。


key word: note-taking / Auto-backup / idea / creative

Product introduction

A simple but powerful note-taking app in AppStore, efficiently organizes and to share your note, never miss any brilliant idea again. Auto-backup and iCloud sync take your work to anywhere you like. Input the WebDAV account and password in notability setting port. Account and password can founded at Nutstore App, and net page, every note you’ve taken will sync to Nutstore.

By using the integration of Nutstore and Notability, you can:
  • Automatically upload to Nutstore after note-taking.
  • By using the all platform feature, check files on all devices easily.
  • Makes share link more easily and safe
  • No flies type limitation attached by Nutstore share link in Email.