热门标签: extension / research tool / analyze sources / tool


Zotero是一款开源的文献管理工具,可以协助我们收集、组织、引用和共享文献。通过webdav 连接到坚果云,轻松享受高效的文件管理方式。

通过 Zotero 与坚果云的集成使用,您可以:
  • 随时随地收藏文献,收藏的文件可直接保存到云端;
  • 期刊、书籍、图片等各类文献文件,更新后可自动同步到云端;
  • 跨设备访问云端文献,查看文献的方式更加多样;
  • 云端文件夹设置访问权限,团队文件管理更加灵活。


key word: extension / research tool / analyze sources / tool

Product introduction

Zotero is a powerful, easy-to-use research tool that helps people gather, organize, and analyze sources and then share the results of people’s research. But the storage of Zotero may not be enough for too many magazines and book collections, and people can save them to Nutstore by WebDAV port and get more storage to use.

By using the integration of Nutstore and Zotero, you can:
  • Automatically upload to Nutstore.
  • By using the all platform feature, check files on all devices easily.
  • Different access authority, manage documents flexible.